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Designing Websites with Strategic Business Goals.

"if your business cannot be found online, then increasingly it will cease to exist"

Strategy, Structure and Planning are Paramount to the future success of your website. There has to be congruence between the Website's Design, Purpose, Structure, Architecture, Copy and SEO.

The Web Host specialises in helping businesses make the most out of their online presence. From low-cost start-up packages to bespoke design options we work with you to achieve the website solution you need at a price that your business can afford.

Online Sales and Marketing

Website DesignDuring your search for a website design firm you will have read a great deal on the subject of website design and read jargon that possibly you don't understand or care about .

The Web Host is a little different. We know you want a website that looks great, but more important, we know what your motives are. So we'll skip the jargon and speak in plain English.

More New Clients - Increased Client Spend - Increased Order Frequency.

Most website design firm are great designers and developers. However they put design at the front of the project and whilst design is important it is secondary to the sales message and your customer conversion goals. A website has to be built with money in your bank as the ultimate goal, it should not be a website designers playground.

So we will not speak to you about design until we understand your business, your online mission and your ultimate strategic goals. Once we are in tune with your business goals the design and function will present itself relative to what your prospects expect.

Who are your target prospects and what do they want?

Your target prospects are potentially millions of consumers who are searching for your products, services or information online, you have to be online to reach them.

They are 21st century people who do not finger through paper directories or newspaper classifieds anymore, they sit in front of their computers at home and at work searching for products and services, potentially searching for your business.

Why should you put your business online?

Strategic Goal Pic

Internet marketing via Website Optimisation has become the most dynamic advertising medium available to businesses second only to TV advertising. To miss out on the benefits of an online strategy would be remiss of any business owner and could have serious consequences for the future of the business.

A business without an online presence is practically undetectable to modern consumers.

Online -vs- Traditional Advertising

Although tried and tested, traditional modes of advertising have one thing in common - they are intrusive. When you use this kind of ‘push’ marketing you are forcing your message on your target audience, a tactic that is fast becoming redundant as consumers wise up to the benefits of online research and "search marketing".

Conversely, your website does not try to influence your target audience's way or reasoning, it simply merges with their current way of thinking! "They find you"

Please see our list of Transactional Website Features here.

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Gold Website Design and Hosting

GOLD Website Design and Hosting Package
Excl. Tax: £ 3,000.00 Incl. Tax: £ 3,600.00
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Platinum Website Design and Hosting

PLATINUM Website Design and Hosting Package
Excl. Tax: £ 4,000.00 Incl. Tax: £ 4,800.00
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Silver Website Design and Hosting

Silver Website Design and Hosting Package
Excl. Tax: £ 2,000.00 Incl. Tax: £ 2,400.00
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VIP Website Design and Hosting

VIP Website Design and Hosting Package
Excl. Tax: £ 5,000.00 Incl. Tax: £ 6,000.00
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