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Online Marketing Strategy

Online Strategy

Online Marketing Strategy

As the online world grows your business is presented with both opportunities and threats.

The opportunities for online business growth will only be realised when your website and online marketing operations are optimised to overcome the threats posed by inadequate website and search engine optimisation.

If you are not happy with your website visitor numbers or if your bounce rate is exceptionally high why not give us a call or ask us to analyse your website.

Website Optimisation

To be effective there needs to be congruence between your website structure, internal links, copy, images, navigation, meta-data and design. If this happy balance is not struck you will certainly be penalised by the search engines who rank your site and return searches to potential website visitors.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Good SEO requires lots of original meaningful content which is correctly coordinated with your website meta-data, internal and external links.

Online Operations Strategy

Unlike traditional advertising methods which are "intrusive" the web provides organisations with an opportunity to communicate directly to those consumers whom are activly seeking your products, services or information.

In today's online world it would be remiss of the CEO not to list online marketing as a No1 Priority within the overall business development strategy

You are what your website is !

Informative Corporate or Transactional websites need to be clean, precise and move the visitor directly to the point they are trying to convey, you only have around 3 seconds to grab the visitors attention before they decide to stay or navigate away from your website.

For this reason websites need to be engineered to display informative structured landing pages which amplify the subject message and project the brand.

The Web Host could work remotely as a member of your sales and marketing team advising and working on SEO, SEM and website development projects.

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Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses

Social Media Strategy SME
Excl. Tax: £ 1,402.50 Incl. Tax: £ 1,683.00
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Corporate Social Media Strategies

Corporate Social Media Strategy
Excl. Tax: £ 2,550.00 Incl. Tax: £ 3,060.00
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Social Media Marketing Management

Social Media Management
Excl. Tax: £ 1,550.00 Incl. Tax: £ 1,860.00
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Corporate Twitter Marketing Strategies

Corporate Twitter Marketing Strategy
Excl. Tax: £ 1,750.00 Incl. Tax: £ 2,100.00
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